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International Talks and Conferences

Our talks and conferences provide us with the opportunity to disseminate our research findings and raise awareness. We share our findings with a range of experts in the field at a local and international level with the aim of improving interventions and health care practices.

Professor Muthanna Samara's Talk

Professor Samara presented his research on the topic of the psychological development of premature babies. His research based on a cohort study conducted in the UK examined biological ( i.e. genetic factors), cognitive ( i.e. IQ and language) and behavioural (i.e. crying, feeding and sleeping) outcomes following premature birth.

Our research talks and conferences also aim to provide important information to support healthcare planning for this resource intensive group and ultimately, educational planning. As our findings stem from a unique population set within a broad ecological study of health influences, we hope that it will advance our understanding of the factors, which mediate outcomes in preterm birth.

Professor Neil Marlows Talk

Professor Neil Marlow's presented his work on the topic of outcomes to discharge from hospital for infants born at the threshold of viability. He also discussed the complexity of the premature population and ways of improving care via parent involvement.